Seth H

Nadis: Multiplayer, Disaster Survival, FPS

Status: On Hold as of June 2020

This game is all about removing the unnecessary, and bloated components of a normal shooter, and creating an easy to pickup but hard to master Multiplayer FPS experience with its own unique style.


You are placed on an island and forced to survive a natural disaster, and other players. What will you do? Well, you can find your nearest tree and start beating it but that won't do you any good. No, you need to find a weapon. Now that you got one, you may notice something odd. It doesn't require ammo. Well that's because weapons on Nadis don't use your primitive ammunition. Instead, we use your characters battery power, because... well... you're a robot. Speaking of power, you might be wondering how to get that sucker out of the red. If you take a look at your map you'll notice conveniently placed markers indicating where charging stations are located, but be careful. Everyone needs power. By now you might have noticed some sirens going off. Those are their to warn you that some sh*t is about to hit the fan. So shortly after those start you might notice some flaming rocks flying down from the sky, or a massive tidal wave coming to shore. In that case I would run away from that area, but you can only run so far. Before those final sirens go off, and the disaster is to big to survive. But, by then you will back at your home screen counting your (in-game)cash waiting for the next game to start.


Players have a power level that is decreased by moving and shooting. You can go to one of a limited few locations on the map to find a charging station to regain power. Players should beware though, because all players need power and there are only so many charging stations. You should also know that each session has a lifetime that is filled with natural disasters, and ended with the biggest representation of that disaster.


Nadis is an Online-Only game, meaning: there is no single-player or campaign. This is subject to change in the future. Sessions are limited to 20 players, for now, and will only take, at most, 20 minutes. Players can join a server by selecting one of the listed servers sorted by: How long the session has been running, How good your connection to that server is, and How many players are connected to that server. For now, there will only by servers located in USA, Canada, and Europe. Servers are also only hosted by us, and will be limited to 2 servers per region, until Q4+ 2020.


Nadis is planned to support Cross-Platform Multiplayer. Initially it will only be between Windows, MAC, and Linux, but the plan is to attempt releases on mobile, and consoles. All with the option to play, online, with users from other platforms.


Nadis is currently in an alpha stage with internal testing only. The plan is to have a multiplayer demo released by May 31, 2020(subject to change). The demo will be free and open to play where you can participate in supply feedback and bug reports to improve the game, using Nadis' built in issue reporter. Following testing and further demo iteration, Nadis will be released on early access by June, 2020(subject to change). Finally, the full release is planned for late July, early August of 2020.